Skywire Solar Energy Advantages

We are here to answer all of your solar questions.

What do you have to lose except an electric bill? 

If you’ve been wondering if solar can really save you money and eliminate your electric bill we can help. There’s a reason you’re seeing more and more solar panels being installed in the midwest. Between the lower cost of solar systems and government incentives now is the time to get a quote to see if solar is right for you. 

Think beyond the savings to the investment

Over a 25-year period your solar investment can reliably generate annual returns that are 7-10% greater than that of a typical mutual fund. Long-term you can also lock in your utility expense as the price of energy rises. 

Not all solar systems are created equal

Other systems do not compensate for partial shading from trees or structures. The Enphase Micro Inverter System optimizes each solar panel to its fullest capability, meaning your energy output is not affected by partially shaded panels in the system. Unlike in other solar systems, each panel is designed to work independently in case one panel has a problem.

More than just highly-trained solar installers

As master electricians, we at Skywire Electrical Systems understand first-hand the increasing challenges our customers face. With a payback under 12 years on average, we proudly offer industry-leading technology with a 25-year warranty and above standard installation with a 10-year warranty. We utilize our decades of electrical experience to ensure the best installation possible.