Everyday Misfits

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WIthin each person is a desire, one that sees issues in the world and longs to help fix them. People in this generation can easily empathize with the stories of victims because they often live with similar injustices. No one wants to be bullied, overlooked or mistreated. In the past, these issues have often had a groan, but no voice. When a voice comes, others can rally around that. Everyday Misfits has been established to be one of those voices in the world. To see an issue, an injustice, and truly bring energy into helping resolve it. We focus our resources not on outlining that which has gone wrong,butrather on doing good. As Martin Luther King once said, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. We will impact the world by smiling at others, creating simple moments of joy and being there for each other. Believing that everyday moments of change can impact every corner of the earth. As Misfits, we can rally together, impacting society together through small acts and big acts, no longer being sidelined by uncertainty, but moved into action that truly changes the world.