Bartley Custom Wood Products Springfield, MO

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Okay, I admit, there is a little bias here, this is my Dad's Company and he has been in the wood working industry for well over 30 years. I grew up in his cabinet shop helping him as a child, but one thing I can tell you is that when it comes to a quality made cabinet there are some companies like my dad that may not have a big name because the advertising budget just isn't large like some other cabinet companies. His work speaks for itself. Check out his google business listing to see a few pics of his work. Check him out and make sure and get a quote from him if you need a new kitchen or any custom wood product for that matter. Doug Bartley - 417-872-7969

BNR muffler and Brake

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We have been through a handful of dishonest or over priced mechanics with the number of vehicles that we have had. BNR has been able to fix our vehicles at a very fair cost and we are so happy with their services that we just want to shout it to the roof tops how happy we are with them. Even as simple as a brake job they are extrememly fair in pricing, where other mechanics try and take advantage. When it comes to brake pads on our fleet vehicles I used to personally just take care of them my self to save money, but when I learned how affordable and fair BNR was, I just started letting them take care of our brake jobs and everything else for that matter. Five Star, A+ top notch no joke!



Everyday Misfits

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WIthin each person is a desire, one that sees issues in the world and longs to help fix them. People in this generation can easily empathize with the stories of victims because they often live with similar injustices. No one wants to be bullied, overlooked or mistreated. In the past, these issues have often had a groan, but no voice. When a voice comes, others can rally around that. Everyday Misfits has been established to be one of those voices in the world. To see an issue, an injustice, and truly bring energy into helping resolve it. We focus our resources not on outlining that which has gone wrong,butrather on doing good. As Martin Luther King once said, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. We will impact the world by smiling at others, creating simple moments of joy and being there for each other. Believing that everyday moments of change can impact every corner of the earth. As Misfits, we can rally together, impacting society together through small acts and big acts, no longer being sidelined by uncertainty, but moved into action that truly changes the world.  

Stradling Creative

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Stradling Creative Group  is a content subscription based production company that is working to solve the problem that every business has which is capturing peoples attention. This is no easy task  when consumers are bombarded by all forms of media fighting for their attention. for that reason we are a content company that focuses on telling stories and creating concepts that cut through the noise and add value to  engage  your target audience.