Solar Panel Installation Process

Step 1: Assessment 

Once you decide to go solar, there are several steps to take before the actual solar panel installation. The first thing we do is analyze your past year’s energy usage. We use your previous 12 months of electricity bills to determine your total kilowatt-hours, allowing us to account for seasonal variations. Then, we implement our unique efficiency-first approach that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars on your solar energy system. We identify cost effective ways to lower your energy usage and suggest improvements that will be energy saving. This allows us to build the solar power installation that is just right for you, maximizing your savings in energy and money.

option 1a: Energy audit

Want to maximize your investment in a solar system? An energy audit can provide a detailed analysis of where your home is wasting energy. This allows you to make home improvements that can increase your solar investment for minimal cost

Step 2: Installation 

Once the materials arrive on site, our team of solar panel installation experts is ready to install your solar energy system. The timeline to complete installation depends upon the size and complexity of your system, but it can take as few as three days. Once this phase of the work is complete, at least two inspections are required. The first is by your local Department of Building and Safety. The second is completed by your utility company. Upon completion of the utility inspection and receipt of your new meter, your system can be turned on to generate electricity. Skywire Electrical Systems submits all final documentation. 

Step 3: Monitoring

Once your system is installed, we provide regular monitoring and system checks to make sure your system is performing at its highest level. As we analyze the data from your systems we will make any necessary tweaks to make sure your system is running at peak performance. You will get decades of reliable, clean electricity production from your solar panel installation. The addition of environmentally friendly solar power to your home or business is just one step in sustainable living.