More Than Solar Installers

When you hire Skywire Electrical Systems LLC, you are hiring master electricians and electrical technicians who specialize in the best solar systems available at competitive prices. Here are a few of the other services that we are able to offer our solar clients:

Automatic Back-Up Generators

Automatic Back-up Generators

As a certified Generac dealer, we can provide you with the system that keeps your home powered and gives you peace of mind. Installation, maintenance contract and financing are all available through Skywire Electrical Systems LLC.

Back-Up Skywire Solar Generator

Invented and developed by our owner, the Skywire Solar Generator provides you the comfort of knowing your home will have power without the need to burn fossil fuels.

Battery Back-up

Although Battery Back-up for your solar system is the most costly, it provides continuous storage of the power that your system produces, allowing you to utilize clean energy even when your solar system is not performing at optimum levels. The need for a Battery Back-Up System is lessened with an Enphase Micro Inverter System given its ability to shift loads. But, if you are dedicated to a fully clean energy solution this may be the option for you.

LED Lighting Conversions

LED light bulbs are the more energy efficient and environmentally sound option for lighting your home. Most fixtures allow for use of any bulb, however, some need to be converted. We are happy to assess your needs.

Whole-house e-monitoring system

Track in real-time how your home is utilizing solar power. The system will send you automatic alerts if a problem arises. This system is ideal for the consumer who is serious about controlling their energy consumption. You'll know exactly where every penny of your utility bill is going.