Commercial Solar Panel Installation | Springfield, MO

Solar Panels for Business

Give your business an edge in the market by converting to commercial solar power. Consumers are savvy, supporting environmentally-friendly businesses with their dollars. Enhance your company’s green business profile while showing your commitment to cutting edge and innovative technologies with a conversion to commercial solar. By installing solar you may even attract media attention. Every business loves the equivalent of free advertising that media coverage provides. Let solar bring your business to the attention of thousands of potential new customers!

Installing commercial solar power is a great business decision because of the excellent potential return on your investment. Utility costs are predicted to rise considerably over the next decade, leaving many businesses at the mercy of variable electric expenses. Once your commercial solar panels are installed, the source of power is clean, renewable, and free for decades.

Some of the biggest advantages for commercial property owners are the tax incentives available for investing in renewable energy systems. The Federal Investment Tax Credit gives you a 30% credit for the purchase and installation of commercial solar panel systems. Using Federal Form 3468, this credit can help reduce the business’ tax liability. Solar energy systems have a five-year rate of depreciation, but you'll be reaping the rewards of solar for 20 years or more.